Aida Alves is a spunky, soulful singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, born in Vancouver, B.C and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Her music style includes synth-pop, electronic, art-pop, soul, funk, and hip hop. She is inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, Mahalia Jackson, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck... just to name a few.

Aida was born to create, and first started playing the guitar at the age of 8 (an epic dumpster dive indeed). She always dreamed of being a successful musician - writing songs that mattered and performing on the biggest stages. She has been writing music since a tween, but was too afraid to really take the plunge into the wilderness. While being bedroom songwriter, she explored a career in visual art, teaching, animation, and is currently a 3D Artist / Engraver at the Royal Canadian Mint.

After giving birth to her second son, a fire was lit within her belly. This revelation can’t be explained, but all she knows is that creating music is what she’s meant to do and needs to explore... Hence, she is more focused than ever before. Aida enrolled in Digital Music Recording and Digital Music Composition at Algonquin College back in the fall of 2017 and successfully completed the two evening courses. Now she is currently writing, composing, collaborating, and producing songs in her recording studio and developing her own unique sound for the world to here.


tease at the studio

Aida Alves goes often to the studio to write, rehearse and record her songs at the Studio.


Live performance

Aida's live show performance across Ottawa, Ontario.